Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Asparagus, spring mix, black bean, and pepita salad with simple avocado dressing

I have loved to be creative with salads this summer. I believe there is no need to constrict our salad-making to lettuce with random vegetables and store-bought dressing. It is so much tastier, and satisfying, to combine a bunch of interesting ingredients that work together to create something fantastic. I love using uncommon salad additions such as beans, nuts and seeds, grains, and cheeses. Here is one of the results of my effort to spruce up my salad life, inspired by the creamy goodness of avocado.

The dressing I created for this recipe is a bit more complicated, mexican-inspired version of an extremely simple avocado dressing I use often for packed lunches. Simply pack a whole avocado with a knife, and a small container with a spoon of mayo and salt and pepper. At lunch, simply slice the avocado and spoon out the good stuff, and mash together. Cutting the avocado at lunch prevents browning and preserves the avocado's taste. And there's nothing simpler and healthier than putting vegetables on vegetables!

Asparagus, spring mix, black bean, and pepita salad

fresh asparagus
spring mix
black beans, prepared
sliced onion

avocado dressing
1 avocado
1 tbsp sour cream
1 tsp lime juice
1 clove garlic
smoked paprika

Cut asparagus into 1-2 inch segments, and steam lightly until tender, but not limp. Drop into cold water to stop cooking and to quickly chill. Combine salad ingredients. 

Combine dressing ingredients in food processor. Blend. Serve over salad.

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